Real Guitar

REAL GUITAR is a free application for the Android system that simulates acoustic and electric guitar on your phone/tablet screen. A fun, lightweight and easy to use app. Ideal for those who enjoy or want to learn to play.

With Real Guitar you can get a taste of being a guitar hero! Or a master of the acoustic guitar! The application has realistic sounds of acoustic guitar, clean electric guitar and guitar with overdrive (distortion). Sounds recorded with studio-quality audio!

Easy to use! The Real Guitar has three modes of play: Chords Easy, Chords Normal and Solo. It has a recording mode that allows you to track live music. For example, you can record a track and then give the play and play a solo on your recording. The application comes with 16 loops to play along. Also allows you to improvise on top of other songs from your library.

Features of Real Guitar:

* Customizable chord sequence

* Multitouch

* 3 types of guitar

* 3 modes of playing

* 16 loops to play along

* Realistic guitar sounds

* Studio audio quality

* Instruments such as electric guitars and acoustic guitar

* Recording mode

* Works with all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD)

* Free

The application is free. But you can remove all advertisements by purchasing a license! Try the best guitar app of the Google Play! Made for guitarists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners! Have a good time!


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