DJ Studio 5

DJ Studio 5 is a mobile DJ station that allows you to manipulate music. The app and all of its functions are completely free, unlike previous versions, which required an in-app purchase to unlock unlimited playback.

Spin, mix and scratch

The interface of DJ Studio 5 contains either a single deck or twin decks. Along with the decks, there are different tools to manipulate the music like volume sliders, loop creators, and BPM (beats per minute) adjusters.

You choose music on the device and load the tracks on each deck. Once they are loaded, you can start mixing the songs together.

Practice makes perfect

For a novice, DJ Studio 5 requires some practice because it is a bit confusing at first. DJ Studio 5 also contains an equalizer where you can change sound levels for the songs.

It is also possible to record mixes live and share music on Soundcloud. If you are familiar with how DJ equipment works, then DJ Studio 5 is a great tool to use.

On smaller devices, using some of the dial and slider tools in the app are a little difficult and DJ Studio 5 may have some compatibility issues.

Become the life of the party

DJ Studio 5 is a fun app that lets you experiment with mixing music and full access to all its features makes it one of the most comprehensive free DJing apps for Android.


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