SoundCloud is an interesting audio app that allows you to record sounds and share them with a growing community of users.

The principle of SoundCloud is simple: hit the record button to capture your voice or play a song into it, then share this with the SoundCloud community. You can search for other users and browse through their songs and audio clips, playing them through the neatly integrated audio player.

SoundCloud allows you to 'follow' other users in the same way as you do on Twitter, and you can keep track of the activity of all the people you follow through the Stream section. A search facility in SoundCloud lets you find people, or particular sounds. The vast majority of stuff uploaded to the app is music, though you can also find interviews, voice notes, sound effects, etc.

There's plenty of integration with other social networks within SoundCloud, including the ability to link your user account with your Facebook account, plus post your activity to Twitter.

The navigational menus in SoundCloud are a bit confusing to figure out at first, but you do get used to it. However, users might experience problems with content not loading in the Stream and Activity sections on a Samsung Galaxy S II.

SoundCloud is an interesting new social network, though the mobile client needs some tweaking for it to really take off.

Recent changes

Revamped updated UI with sliding menus and action bar

Awesome new search: find music & audio faster and easier

Repost feature


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